Family & Children

Family and childrens portrait photography can be fun or formal it can be what ever it is that shows you and your families personality and the love you share together. What better way to decorate your home than with wall art portraiture of the people you hold dear and the happy times you want to remember.

The best child portraits come from unexpected moments-We follow your childrens lead thereby ensuring we capture their natural expressions, rather than pushing them to ‘smile at the camera’. Each child is unique and we do our very best to capture the range of emotions that make them who they are, at that moment in time, be it a giggle, a pout, a sneer or look of wonder. We have fun! We play, laugh, and usually end up making a big mess.

How to get the best out of my Family or child’s portrait photography session?

We’ll schedule the session around the needs of your family,  but the best time is when your children are well rested and fed beforehand. Clothing should be chosen based on the style of session you are seeking. Jeans, a bright top and bare feet are perfect for candid or photojournalistic sessions. Chose fun outfits and accessories (hats, tutus) that reflect your child’s budding personality. Dresses, slacks and a button down shirt are more classic and timeless. If there’s a few of you try to complement each other in colour choices. We’ve always found that kids tend to be most cooperative when they are in comfortable clothing with minimal clothing changes. It’s best to avoid plaids, busy patterns or any large logos, as it detracts from the photographs focus  which is you and your children.

Misconception: “ There’s No Rush To Have A Family Portrait Created Right Now.”

Life is so terribly short. But, at the same time, life is such a wonderful gift and the memories we keep of these moments will last forever. Families change so quickly kids shoot up from year to year with they’re personalities changing all the time, if you wait for a special occasion generally the years slip by and before you know it, the children are all grown up and it’s too late.

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