Black Magic Portraiture

‘Black Magic imagery ’ is an unique collection and has been designed to enhance the classic style of image.

Black against Black.

The Black Magic Collection Session.

A one hour studio photographic session followed a few days later by a viewing session to preview your images and pick your favorites.

We ask that you and your family wear black or very dark plain and not patterned  clothing for your Black Magic portrait session, true low key images work best when there are no distractions from the face, therefore keep your clothing choices simple, please do not wear patterns or logos. It is also worth noting that Black Magic portraits are almost exclusively half length or head shots, this is because we are looking to the face as the focal point of the image.

After your session we will make an appointment for you to view your images, at this preview you may order as many or as few pictures as you wish, please make sure that all parties involved in the decision making are in attendance at this viewing and please allow between 1 and 2 hours for the viewing.

‘Black Magic Portraiture is exclusive to High Society Photography.

The creation fee is only £100, this allows for a session of one hour and includes the production of your preview show, there is no minimum order, so you can order as many as you like of your favorite images, whatever you do order of your ‘Black Magic’ images they will be printed in our own classical warm black and white and presented in beautiful black frame molding and either a thick black or white mount, and complete frames start from as low as £125.

This presentation combines the classical timeless look of fine art presentation with a contemporary twist.

Call us to chat about your Black Magic photo session on 01792 883274 or purchase a voucher for family or friends.

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