Bump to Baby

All Bumps are Beautiful and unique and the fact that in there you are creating a new life seems like a miracle. Why not record this amazing moment in your life with a portrait you can look back on in years to come and share with your little one how excited you were to have them.

Is Maternity Photography for me?

We take the female form in the most flattering light making sure it brings out the very best of you. There are many styles of photography that can be taken showing as little or as much flesh as you feel comfortable with. You can include your partner or get your other children involved after all I’m sure they are excited too! So maternity portraiture is for anyone who wants a memory of the special moment!

Call us today 0n 01792 883274 to chat about what we can do and the best time for you to come for this special portrait session, or see our offers, you could either use a studio portrait session or take advantage of our special bump to baby offer.

 Newborn Portraits capturing the little miracle!

Newborn portraits are magical, the first weeks of life are filled with such change that they are often a blur. Documenting your infant, from tiny hands and feet, to bonding moments with mom and dad, these images will create lasting memories of this special time. Newborn babies photograph best between 6-8 days old. At this point they are still very sleepy and like to curl up as if they were still in the womb. As Swansea’s premier newborn photographer, we are highly sought after for our unique perspective and uncanny ability to capture the beauty of newborn babies, so ideally book in advance of the birth. Come as soon as you are ready, we can’t wait to meet your new little one.

Look for our special bump to baby offer if you want to capture before and after birth memories or call us now on 01792 883274 to have a chat about what we can do for you!



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