Pet Portraiture

Pet photography for all you dotty animal lovers! Our pets are treasured members of our family and have little characters all of their own, so what beautiful way to hold onto the memories than pet portrait photography!  Bring them along as part of your family studio session or on their own for us to create a portrait that captures their personality. We have even enrolled puppies into our baby portraiture club to cover the first year or so  from pup to adult.

What Pets do you photograph in the pet photography sessions?

Anything that fits in the studio, cats, dogs, hamsters, snakes, piglets, ducks or what ever you love so much you want to bring along.  Horses are a little large  for a studio session but you could always book an outdoor shoot if you want some horse portraiture.

Look at our special offers  and help our local RSPCA  or call us now on 01792 883274 to have a chat about what we can do for you!


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