Boudoir Portraits

Boudoir photography is a liberating self expression for both men and women, whether you do it for yourself or a partner or even do it together. The session is tailored around you and can be fully nude or semi clothed, these sessions are popular for brides as a special gift for their groom on the wedding morning.

Is Boudoir Photography for me?

It’s for anyone who’ll dare to bare! The session can be a gift for hubby or a little keepsake to give your man on your wedding day, It’s a beautiful gift for someone you love and most girls comment that they forget they are undressed after the first pose and it’s just a bit of a giggle. We make sure we capture the look you want and show you in your very best light. Lucy edits the photos and waves her magic airbrushing wand so you’ll just love every picture and stun anyone that gets to see them!

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